42nd SUN

42nd Street New York becomes a pedestrian zone: vision42design competition


Projekt Titel: 42nd SUN

Client: IRUM - Institute for Rational Urban Mobility

Projekt Charakteristik: International competition

Projektlaufzeit: 2014

Projekt Status: Concept



Transforming 42nd Street into a pedestrian zone will change its character totally. While there can be a continuous and significant Zebra pavement in the street - done with a flexible and resilient solarlight pavement (like „solar roadway“), changing with advertising and information, with tramline and bike lanes, spaces for trees aside and urban furniture like fountains and benches, the traffic connections at the beginnings can be untied easily to generate a new high quality public space.

Prolonging the pedestrian zone as a “flying beam construction” over Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive and the East River, a horizontal skyscraper will form 42nd Sunrise, a Belvedere on top of it, with a sunrise café inside.

The new 42nd Sunsetpier in the West will create a spectacular new public space and meeting point, as well as a high quality recreation zone with pools aside and bars for day and night. A solar light pavement makes you dance and shine at night, so 42nd Street can be seen from the outside.

Sun and moon meet on 42nd at night, as the sun moves back to the start on the linear street level (light pavement), showing the time of the night and place of worldwide noon. Start and End of 42nd Street are sunrise and sunset, night and day in New York.