Örestad Städtebau

Kopenhagen Städtebau - der neue Stadtteil Örestad


Projekttitel: Kopenhagen Städtebau

Auftraggeberin: 2014 innosite.dk Open Inovation in the construction industry

An initiative by Reraldania and the Danish Energy Agency

Project owners: Realdania: http://www.realdania.dk/

Danish Energy Agencyhttp://www.ens.dk/

Operated by: DAC&BUILD Danish Architecture Centre

1997 KUA - Kopenhavn Universitet Amager

1994 Ørestadsselskabet 1995 Ørestaden Idékonkurrencens resultater / Omtale

Ørestaden results of the ideas competition / honourable mention

Wettbewerb: 2014, 1997, 1994

Konzept & Planung:

2014: su.n - spaceunit.network, Andreas Mayer, consultant: P.A. Sattrup

1997: Andreas Mayer, consultant: Victor Tenez Ypern

1994: Andreas Mayer, Victor Tenez Ypern and Peter Andreas Sattrup

Bilder: siehe Galerie



The Boulevard itself is the entrance to the open Amager field. It is a filter between the city and the "wild".

As a green element - in the sense of a Boulevard, usually a tree-lined street outside the old city - the street itself with bicycle-lanes, pedestrian-paths, seats and trees becomes a corresponding element between urban and nature.

The roundabouts as functional crossings and symbolic elements - with some flowers, art and fountains individually designed - are the physical entrance elements and psychologically understandable.


As the metro station, holding already necessary infrastructure visitors need or like, is the main access to the area, all the services should be placed there, forming the "gate" to the city.


The tree lines forming the boulevard swing out once to the city (and the car parking and metro station) and to the "nature" forming the entrance area. Within the trees on the nature side it is still a "park". If you are crossing the curved canal on the existing bridge you enter the "wild".