Rijeka Delta

RIJEKA BEACH - Rijeka seeks the sea! - Competition for a new city center at the Delta Area.


Projekttitel: Rijeka Beach - see the sea!        

Bauherrin: Lucka Uprava Rijeka

Wettbewerb: 2013

Konzept & Planung: Design Team: Andreas Mayer, Michael Stoiser, Assistance: Susanne Radlingmayer, 3-D-Modell: Martin Brischnik, Renderings: Ana Ocic, Croatian Co-Author: Ana Slamar



Rijeka´s  appearance is characterized by the Riva with its block-typology, though it is difficult to see the sea or to find the way to the open seaside. The Theatre quarter is actually blocked by the main street, the dead end canal and the enclosed harbour. The market as a main attraction has difficulties with legal obligations of the fish market, delivery and storage plus the resulting traffic.


The ongoing upgrade of the waste water treatment brings clear water to the sea - and the EU-eco award blue flag to the new beach and marina (EU-funding for tourist infrastructure). This changes the city´s image totally by opening up the seaside with a lively waterfront (think about Barcelona!). Increase of value finds investors. A long term transformation plan secures the feasibility.


The project creates a new town centre - together with the existing one - solving its actual problems and enriching the city as a gate to the sea. The city typology of blocks is extended to the delta zone to centre the 'Mrtvi kanal' that forms the new axis to the seaside, where the seafront promenade forms the urban beach. Sequences of squares combined with varying types of streets - as the canal promenade, several parkways, arcades in all the blocks, the green to blue pedestrian axis, Delta Avenue (the traffic lane framed by an alley) and the riverside alley promenade - form outstanding public spaces and lead from the old town to the waterfront.