brandscape _ Peace Park Gallipoli


Project Titel: Gallipoli Peace Parc

Client: Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park International Competition Office, General Directorate of National Parks and Wildlife, Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Turkey

Project Term: 1997-1998

Concept: su.n -

Cooperations: An dreas Mayer, Michael Egger, Karl-Heinz Winkler 


The 33,000 hectares (330 km²) Park is at the southern tip of the Gallipoli Peninsula, an 80 km finger of land separated from the Turkish mainland (Anatolia) by the Dardanelles. The historically and strategically important 70 km long Dardanelles connects the Marmara and Aegean Seas. Across the Dardanelles are Çanakkale and the mythological (Homeric) war field of Troia. Istanbul (Constantinople) is 300 km north. Bursa and Edirne, successive capitals of the Ottoman Empire are nearby.

Established in 1973 and taking its name from the peninsula, the Park is included in the UN List of National Parks and Protected Areas.

The Park encompasses the municipality of Eceabat and eight villages. The 10,000 people who live in the Park and work in the area are not, however, sufficiently integrated into the Park's activities.


The new transit road right through the area with a new bridge over the Dardanelle was an initial part of the programm. su.n decided to take this road as the backbone of further interventions and to dedicade the Peace Parc not only to the gallipoli war but to all the wars of the 20th century.

Instead of placing the new Park Center on "greenfield sites" su.n proposed to use the historic ruins in the old centers of the peninsula.